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 Stat Explanation.[MUST READ]

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PostSubject: Stat Explanation.[MUST READ]   Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:55 pm

Ok for stats. You receive specific chakra and hp stats but we have given a general category for the other stats like tai, nin gen etc.

We have combined the other stats into one general stat called Combat Level. Combat level will represent Tai,Nin,Gen.Chakra Control etc. There will be different rankings in the combat level that set other ninja apart

Genin Rank: Combat levels 1-4. With four being the rank cap as a genin one can not ascend to a higher combat level until they rank up. Same goes for everything else below.
Chuunin Rank: Combat level 5-9.
Jounin rank: 10-14

The combat level will serve as a general guideline to follow during battle as oppose to someone with 15 speed is being rped as way slower than someone at 16 speed.

If your combat level is within 4 of another shinobi, you can pretty much fight on par with them but do honor if their level is higher than yours. If your combat level is more than 4 away from another shinobi you must rp having difficulty up against them, this includes taking a bit more hits and finding it harder to land hits on ur enemy. At the end of the day your true strength lies in ur rp ability.

The Resolve Stat:

Also To give the game a bit more of a naruto feel to it I proclaim that we add a resolve stat. The resolve stat will start at 1 and will be awarded randomly by completing missions, as that is the form of stat training. The resolve stat will give the player the option to raise their combat level up by their resolve stat for two posts and may only be used once per battle. This stat will reflect that undying fighting spirit that we often see in the naruto series.
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Stat Explanation.[MUST READ]
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