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 Naruto Quest Storyline

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PostSubject: Naruto Quest Storyline   Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:01 pm

The great war of Udan, the war to end all wars had erupted over 50 years ago. The villages of Leaf, Sand, Mist and Sound had abandoned all treaties of peace as their leaders had all become corrupt and enveloped by their lust for power. Many battle took place between the villages in a sort of "free for all" type manner. With no hope of peace in sight the 4 greatest villages of shinobi history wiped themselves off the face the earth. After the great War of Udan only refugees from the 4 villages survived and of those refugees only two possessed the abilities of a shinobi. These two ninja themselves began to bicker and fight against one another trying to usurp power over the other seemingly trying to repeat history all over again. Instead of resulting in a fight the two shinobi decided to go their separate ways. As they did each of them took half of the remaining refugees and traveled to the opposite ends of the continent to set up villages of their own to rule over. Today these villages are known as the Moon and Sun villages. However even in today's times the vendetta between the two shinobi founders spills over into their village legacy's as an unspoken hostility lingers between the Sun and Moon villages. For now only minor battles for village honor take place against each village, but it would appear soon that all out war will wage again. Which side will you choose?
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Naruto Quest Storyline
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