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Cut Uzumaki
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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:26 pm

Site Rules
1.Ensure fun for others as well as thyself.
2.Flame not, lest ye be damned.
3.Honour the staff thine helpers, for they work for thy benefit.
4.Treat others as you wish to be treated, but do not justify thine wretched acts by saying that the other person acted thusly. Reciprocity is looked on with disdain and reproach.
5.Select a username that is relevant to that of thy character, and have no more than one.
6.Thou shalt not spam other websites.
7.Thou shalt not write poorly.
8.Thou shalt not plagiarize the works of those superior to you.
9.Thou shalt not ask to be on staff; thou mayest only volunteer.
10.The bumping of topics must not be done until at least three days have passed.
11.If thou leavest for three weeks, thou wilt be considered inactive.
12.Thou shalt not take control of thy neighbor’s character, for this will lead thee on the road to perdition.
*Everything that follows expands on the principles posted here. That means if you understand it, you can stop reading. If you don’t understand, then keep reading.

Expanding the ideas
◦Think about it: this game is here so that everyone can have fun. If you are doing something which hurts other people, and those people aren’t trolls, then there’s a problem. If you’re having an issue with just one person, then what you need to do is to go to that person, in IM or PM, and talk with them. Simply being upset with something they said and never speaking to them is lame, and by doing so, you suck. For all you know, that person was having a bad day, or they said something in a way they didn’t mean. Blocking someone and refusing to speak to them, and then proceeding to treat them like crap on the boards is lame. TALK FIRST, KILL LATER! If you find that you cannot resolve an issue with someone, then by all means, tell a staff member the nature of your problem… politely. Chances are that they will again refer you to that person (because they want to make sure that you have), but if you have already done so, tell them that you have and that you are taking the next step. All you need to do then is to leave it alone. Now, while other people say “We’ll deal with it,” and you’re left with the short end of the stick, you shouldn’t have to expect that here. Instead, when someone tries to shaft you, rest assured that they will end up with many unpleasant objects in many unpleasant places, and will probably recieve a warn and temporary username change.
◦You must always treat people the way you want them to treat you. Even when someone insults your mother and claims to have made love to her, you should treat them the way you want to be treated. Basically this means not to throw a hissy fit. If they start acting like a jerk and won’t stop it when you talk to them politely, then they’re in the wrong, and you may register a complaint, at which time that person will be pwnt.
◦Don’t register here unless you intend to roleplay, because members are people who roleplay. Simply having an account does not make you a member, and hence, you have no right to anything on these boards. Now, if you are actively roleplaying, then we expect your username to reflect the name of the character you play. For instance, if you sign on with “prettygurl555,” then you can rest assured that your name will be changed or your account deleted. If your character’s name is Ayumi, then your username will probably be changed to Ayumi, from prettygurl555. It’s best to avoid the headache by simply your character’s given name. Names such as “Billy of the Hidden Mist,” or “KazekageZack” are just as unacceptable. “Aburame Keiichi” or “Keiichi” will be just fine. You do not need to use the underscore (”_”) character in your username at all. You may have but one account, unless you clear it with the administrators. Typically this will only happen once you have reached the coveted status of Awesome.
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Site Rules
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