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 Summoning Jutsu Rules + Template

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PostSubject: Summoning Jutsu Rules + Template   Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:44 pm

-In order to make a summoning jutsu you must be at least chuunin level.
-In order to receive your summoning creature you must pm a mod/admin to mod a contract rp for you in your villages Intervillage Area. Again, must be chuunin or higher.

Name of Contract: What is the name of the animals contract.
Animal: What type of animal?
Contract User: Put your name
Contract Creatures:

For contract creatures you are allowed to create up to four, but you may only summon one at a time.
For the creatures follow this template.

Name of Creature:
Type of Animal: What type of animal
Special ability: What can this animal do?
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Summoning Jutsu Rules + Template
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