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 maneki taco

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Maneki Taco
Maneki Taco

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PostSubject: maneki taco   Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:51 pm

Basic Information:

Name: maneki taco

Nickname/Alias:The dragon sage

Weight: 130

Height: 6.5 feet

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Looks: HE has short black hair.He has

Personality: A Short paragraph will suffice,

Clan Information

Clan Name: the glass

Kekei Genkai: The ability to mix fire and sand to make glass that is as hard as steel this element is also able to tame bijuus

Custom Bloodline: yes

Rank Information:

Rank: chunnin

Village: Moon

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty:

Skill list:


Elemental Affinity: fire sand
Special Characteristics: white fire,black sand, High chakra,is a drunken fist user.

History/RP Sample:

History/Background Story:Maneki is the only living decedent of the great cat taco.He was the only one in the world who was able to mix fire chakra and earth chakra in glass.People laughed at his power because glass can easily be broken.That would be true but this glass element was as though as taco left the moon village after his wife gave birth to a son he named maneki.It was said that after he left the village he made a village he called the glass village.Maneki had heard storys of his father and his amazing element.HE hoped that one day he could live up to be as great as his father was.

Rp Sample:

Maneki was standing in the middle of the training area.He was carrying a brown paper bag filled with balls.He was there to learn the rasengan.He was supposed to start learning it by popping a water balloon with chakra.He placed a water balloon in his hand and started to turn his chakra in the balloon but all that was doing was making it turn in a circle.Then he remembered that he had to move his chakra in all directions to make it pop.So he had his chakra go left right up down side to side and then it popped.He did a little victory dance and went on to the next step.

The 2ed step is popping a rubber ball.He went over to his bag and took out a ball.He knew that the rubber ball was gonna be hard to pop since it is denser then a balloon.He started to stir his chakra around in the ball but it didn't pop.He soon realized that it was because he was using the same amount of chakra he used on the balloon.HE used more chakra this time and it popped.He did another victory dance and went onto the third step.

The 3ed step was to swirl the chakra in a balloon filled with air and to make it not move.Maneki tried to do this too fast.HE put to much chakra into it and it exploded.HE tried again this time he took it slow and formed a perfect ball.Now he was ready to put it to practical use.

This could be considered the 4th step he had to make a sphere of chakra.HE began to form the chakra in his hand when the sphere was formed he smashed it into a tree.It only made a little mark on the tree though.This time he used a lot more chakra.when he rammed it into the tree it and the tree shattered.HE was happy he sang surfin bird since he was so happy.HE then went off since he had learned his jutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: maneki taco   Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:55 pm

Congratulations You are approved. The highest rank we are accepting right now is Chuunin so Chuunin you are. Here are your stats, please post them in your signature.

Hp: 5,000
Cp: 40
Combat Level: 5
Resolve: 1

You receive all academy jutsu, 3 genin jutsu and one chuunin jutsu from your villages jutsu's. Once you have chosen them post your shinobi jutsu list Here. After that you are all set and ready to rp. Also congrats on being second approval.
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maneki taco
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