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~Academy Student~

Name: Tsuki-hi Juuden[Moon Light Charging]
Rank: E
Element: Village
Description:A skill passed down by the elders of Tsukigakure, this jutsu is more of an essential skill rather than a jutsu. The user first circulates chakra throughout their body. They then can absorb the light energy from the moon, this is needed for other moon village jutsu. Chakra Cost: 2 chakra

Name: Tsuki Annainin[Moon Guide]
Rank: E
Element: Village
Description:This technique has been taught to all natural born citizens to the Moon Village. This technique has been passed down from the elders and is what has kept the Moon Village so secret for so long. The user is able to summon a false moon, regardless of time of day.Chakra Cost: 2 chakra, 1 chakra to maintain per post.

Name: Kawarimi no Jutsu
Rank: E
Element: Village
Description:Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themself with another nearby object. This can be a block of wood or even another person. This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.
Chakra Cost: 2 chakra. May only be used twice per battle.


Name: Tsuki Guntou[Moon Saber]
Rank: D
Element: Village
Description:By using charged moonlight or direct moonlight, the user can manipulate the light to form a small saber in ones hand. the saber can be as long as desired but one meter is were it is the strongest. the blade has virtually no weight and acts like a weak laser.
Chakra Cost: 5 chakra to activate, 1 to maintain per post.
-350 per strike
-450 if shot like a laser, if shot the user must redo the jutsu to make another

Name: Engetsu Genko[Cresent Moon Fist]
Rank: D
Element: Village
Description:A special fighting technique developed by the people of the Moon Village. This style of fighting usually causes the user to emit a white chakra during the fight. The user will get into his/her stance using this technique and focus their inner strength into actual energy in their fists. This fighting style is most deadly when used with a moon.
Chakra Cost: 5 chakra. Increases Combat level by 1 for 1 post if moon is present. Does -350 if hits enemy. May only be used twice per battle.

Name: Kon Reiki[Soul Aura]
Rank: D
Element: Village
Description:An ingenious Jutsu created by the Sandaime of Tsukigakure, the user charges moonlight into their whole body, then releases it, keeping it close to their body it acts as a shield and sword of sorts. This acts as a minor barrier and does damage to enemies that come in contact with it.
Chakra Cost: 5 chakra to activate, 2 to maintain per post. -100 damage if touches enemy.


Name: Juuryoku Juugan[Gravity Bullet]
Rank: C
Description: By focusing chakra in front of the palm of the user's hand a small white sphere can be formed. This sphere can then be shot at the opponent, it is not very fast, but it is normally between 5-15inches in radius. As this sphere moves anything it touches will temporarily become 1/6th of it's original weight. This technique exerts force in all directions and if it hits the opponent directly it can be damaging.
Chakra Cost: 10 chakra. If hits an enemy does - 500 damage.

~Bloodline Techniques~


Name:Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken
Description:The shuriken used in this jutsu are six-sided with spikes at the sides of each blade, as they resemble snowflakes.particles surround her and condense into numerous shuriken.
Duration:1 post

Name:Crystal: Giant Hexagonal Shuriken
Description:Creates a giant crystal shuriken, resembling a snowflake, and throws it at the enemy.
Duration:1 post

Name:Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit
Description:Can create a dome of crystal to surround a target. It is highly durable from both external and internal attacks.
Duration:3 posts If being attacked by strong attack, is not it can last for a long time.

Name:Crystal Release: Crystal Needles
Description:Creates numerous long, sharp, and pointed bright pink crystals that shoot at the target at extremely high speeds.
Duration:1 post
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