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 custom Sword

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Maneki Taco

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PostSubject: custom Sword   Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:21 am


Description:Hyōrinmaru is unique type of sword which where made thousands of years before the 5 Great Shonobi Nations were Established. It is one of two swords said to have a large amount of power. These unique swords are known as Zanpaktou, in times a great horror and tragedy stories were told of swords which where created by The ancient Shinigami which was said to make deals with humans once every 12 years. These deals involved 1 person giving there life in order to kill another. There were to swords created 1 which had control of the Two Elements and another which had control of the 3 elements. Despite it's ability it could only be sued by a user who had these elements by nature of by luck of there birth. This is a sword with has a Blue Sheath and Metal Made by the mixture of Rock and Water which is Diamond. This sword has an ability to draw out a user's Chakra Element and uses it's Aura to inflict even greater Damage. This sword has the ability to draw out Water & Earth Aura's while Steve has managed to fuse these to abilities to create a Diamond Like Aura around his sword. Due to the fact that he has yet to control his other elements Diamond is currently the only abilities he has at his Disposal.

-Looks: This swords is thousands of centuries old yet not a scratch can be seen on it. It has the basic template of a sword there is little difference is this sword compared to others. Beside it's Blue Sheath for some Strange reason this sword uses a blue aura no matter which element is used with it. There have been times when the aura has turned black and the sword began to crack but this sword can easily be remade when water is near. Little is known about this swords creator or it's purpose.

-Capabilities:It's true abilities are still hidden it's only known talent is the ability to draw out a user chakra. The mysterious black Aura is said to have a bad side effect but it is also said to strengthen the user's capabilities along the damage done to the target. Beside it's powerful chakra abilities it's just a basic swords beside the fact that it has large chakra abilities. This weapons true power cannot be brought at by a genin this may be the reason for little info on it. It's counter-part is currently missing somewhere. One note of this sword ability is to suck chakra form the user's body and create Aura's which strengthen the sword. Also has a unique drain in which it can so much chakra from the user that he can actually ill himself but a seal has been placed that ti only drains as much chakra as the user can maintain.

Story:Thousands of years ago there were 2 swords created with the abilities of the 5 elements. One with the ability To control Water and Earth and another with the ability to control Fire, Lighting and Wind. These Two Swords were said to have survived Centuries of Destruction. It was an ordinary day when maneki found this sword. It was buried 5 feet below his house. He had found this sword the exact same day a crater was formed after he sparred with his neighbor before being badly injured. He he turned around he saw an object responding to his Chakra as he went to check up on it he found a sword with a large chakra supply of his own. The reason for this large amount of chakra is a seal placed on the sword. In Fact the only way to unleash this seal is to generate a large amount of chakra more than placed on the seal and from there release it this seal may have hidden it's abilities or many greater things what's hidden is currently unknown.

Elemental affinity water and earth

it will have a shikai and bankai but i need to think them up still and credit for this weapon goes to cut
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PostSubject: Re: custom Sword   Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:31 am

I dont understand why bleach is spilling over into naruto but if thats what you guys like then so be it. Just do not god mod with your weapon. If something comes up as un balanced/unfair i will reply here for you to edit. So for the time being approved.
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custom Sword
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