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 Rin charecter creation

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PostSubject: Rin charecter creation   Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:10 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Rin

Nickname/Alias: Rin of the Desert

Weight: 125

Height: 4,9

Age: 13

Gender: Female


Personality: Rin is very strange since she on purpose makes her self look like a boy and add her androgynous appearance together and it makes it impossible to tell if she is a boy or a girl. Other than that Rin is clam and quiet preferring to not speak or interact with people unless it is necessary. Rin also has trouble connecting with humanity causing her to gain a dislike for other people. Rin also has emotional problems and has been known to suffer bouts of insanity and paranoia. She can be kind but your only see it if you can see her hidden under a boys appearance.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Sunaku

Kekkei Genkai: Sabaku

Custom Bloodline: Yes

Rank Information:

Rank: Genin

Village: Moon

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Special Characteristics: Carriers a gourd of sand


History/RP Sample:

History/Background Story: Rin is just another ninja from the moon. She keeps her past to herself and why she hides herself the way she does and when people do ask about her background she just glares at them before turning away. if you really want to know Rin your gonna have to discover her past for yourself.

Rp Sample: I can't think of one so I'm using my best work from another site.

It was raining on the night a young Hyuuga girl turned up in a small border village in the fire country, she was badly wounded she staggered to the door of her brother’s house who was never born with the Hyuuga bloodline trait as she was his sister through marriage. She slammed her fist against the door as her brother open it to find his sister soaked and hurt she pleaded with him to look after her baby he refused but after she got on her knees and begged him he accepted because she looked so desperate. The young girl looked down at the baby kissed him on the cheek and said your name is Hanzo she then gave him to her brother but before she left she made some handseals and put her hand on the baby eye’s the baby cried in pain and when she took her hand away the baby eye’s where blue and green instead of the natural Hyuuga colour she then said.

“Your eyes are strong but I have sealed them until you are old enough to use them”

The young girl then turned around and staggered off into the night never to be seen again. After the Hyuuga left her brother looked at the baby and found a leaf headband among the cloth he picked it up and put it in his pocket went inside and closed the door behind him.

Five years later Hanzo lived with his family on a border village of the fire country, he lived a hard life stealing to survive his family always viewed him with disdain as if he was something disgusting that was left on there floor. One day Hanzo's farther came to his room holding an old forehead protector he dropped it on Hanzo's bed and said

"This forehead protector was from when I lived in the leaf village I want you to go sell it to the merchants that arrived in the village and don’t ask me any questions about this".

Hanzo looked at the forehead protector it was tattered and damaged Hanzo got dressed and went to sell the headband but as Hanzo stuffed it into his pocket a bit of paper fell out of the metal plate on the headband Hanzo picked it and it said a strange phrase.

Those whose eye's can see anything learn your heritage and find your strength where falling leaves twirl and shadows dance under the full moon where fire and water stand together there you shall discover your birth right.

Hanzo couldn't make heads or tails of what it meant but for some reason the notes message glued itself to his brain and he couldn't take his mind off it.
That night Hanzo asked his farther what the message meant as soon as the message was repeated it ripped from Hanzo's hands by his farther and thrown into the fire his farther then grabbed Hanzo and dragged him to the door and threw him out looking at Hanzo with disgust his farther said

"I no longer want you in this house you do not belong in this family and never did go back to your freaky family I wish my sister never came to me"

And with that He slammed the door shut and left Hanzo just sitting their shocked after a few minutes he went into the square of the village and lived there until his thieving antics got him chased out of the village completely after that Hanzo wandered around the country and during his wandering he never did understand why his farther kicked him out of the house that his until he came to the life village.

[Spoiler]Hanzo had been thinking of his past as he sat in his apartment revising for a ninjutsu lesson he had coming up his mind had been wandering allot lately but I suppose that was because it was summer and the heat of the day made it hard for him to concentrate even with the cool breeze he had blowing through his balcony window. Hanzo decided that he would take a rest from studying as he got up off his bed he heard sounds of fighting coming from the balcony window Hanzo walked out onto his outside and looked out into the training ground for the Hyuuga clan that was behind Hanzo's apartment. Hanzo loved to watch the Hyuuga train he admired them greatly and wished to be just like them. As Hanzo watched them he drifted off into another daydream where he was a powerful ninja from the Hyuuga clan using the jyuken fighting style to take down hundreds of opponents he would of been in this day dream longer when all of a sudden Hanzo's alarm went off and caused him to jump out of his day dream he looked at the time and realized he was late for his doctor's appointment he put his sandals on and raced to the hospital.

Hanzo arrived at the hospital just as his name was called he walked straight into the doctor's office and sat down the doctor looked at him and said

"Hello you must be Hanzo? So what's the problem?"

Hanzo looked at the doctor and replied

"Hello yes I'm Hanzo and I came to see you because I had a check up here last weak and the doctor said my pupils were smaller than usual and my eye colour was disappearing he took a blood test and I was supposed to get the results today."

Hanzo then waited for the doctors reply after a few moments the doctor took out a chart with Hanzo’s information on it he then drew closer to Hanzo and examined his eye's after that he looked at the chart again and let out a sigh and said

"Hanzo your an academy student right well according to this blood test there is nothing wrong with you genetically but looking at you’re eye's I only have one explanation your going blind since you’re eye's are turning a lavender white colour you might have to give up being a ninja."

And with that the nurse lead Hanzo out of the room and told him he should get home soon it is getting dark. Hanzo wandered out of the hospital in a daze he then began to walk around in shock the words quit being a ninja rang in his head he eventually found himself at the fountain in the firewater district of the leaf he sat down on a bench facing the fountain with the kanji signs for fire and water carved into the stone. Hanzo sat there until midnight with tears streaming down his face Hanzo looked up into the sky trying to pull himself together that's when he saw it a full moon Hanging above him in the sky Hanzo smiled and said.

"Now I seen a moon that beautiful I don’t mind losing my sight"

As soon as he said that the message he read five years ago suddenly rang in his head as clear as the day he read it and then he realized what the message meant he quickly got up and searched around the fountain as he looked the moon light hit the statue causing a compartment to open at the base of the fountain, Hanzo glanced quickly around to make sure he was alone. Hanzo walked to the compartment and put his hand inside as soon as he did he felt a big leather book as he pulled it out and blew the dust off the cover the title of the book was Jyuken fighting forms Hanzo’s eye's light up and one thought came to mind (If I’m going to lose my sight I’m at least going to beat a Hyuuga before I go blind) Hanzo then ran off to his apartment to learn the fighting style that the book explained.

The next day Hanzo walked to the Hyuuga training ground and asked to spar against one of the Hyuuga's students the request was accepted he walked to the training field that the Hyuuga clan owned. There waiting for him was the one Hanzo was going to spar against he entered the field and bowed to the student who immediately bowed back and then entered his fighting stance. Hanzo matched the students fighting stance witch shocked the Hyuuga clan member he was sparring against, obviously they didn't like there fighting stance being copied. The fight then began Hanzo was obviously outmatched since he was blindly striking out with Jyuken forms he was desperate to win so desperate in fact he channelled chakra through his body trying to get the upper Hand which was not working until suddenly his eye's started to drain his chakra but as this happened his vision increased not sure what was happening he used more chakra which his eye’s sucked up Hanzo started to fill tired due to this and as his eye's drained him of his chakra his eye's changed colour completely but as soon as this happened Hanzo's opponents features disappeared and was replaced with blue veins frightened by this Hanzo struck out one more time and then passed out. Six hours later he woke up in the Hyuuga clans infirmary inside the training ground the students he was fighting was standing next to Hanzo's bed with bandages wrapped around his side before Hanzo could speak an elderly Hyuuga member came through the door in front of Hanzo's bed he looked at Hanzo and said.

"Finally you’re awake you know you surprised us you did when you used our fighting and shocked us when you used the Byakugan and due to this we would like you to join our clan officially since you have our bloodline what do you say"

Shocked at this Hanzo looked at both of the Hyuuga's standing in front of him and thought

(I used the Byakugan how someone who is not a Hyuuga can’t use that technique)
Then a realization dawned on Hanzo he remembered what his farther said when he kicked Hanzo out the house he said go back to your freaky family like my sister Hanzo then realized that his farther was actually his uncle and his sister must have been a Hyuuga and she was his mother he looked up at the elderly Hyuuga and said

"Yes I would be honoured to join your family"

And with that Hanzo was brought into the Hyuuga household
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PostSubject: Re: Rin charecter creation   Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:14 pm

Congratulations You are approved as genin. Here are your stats, please post them in your signature.

Hp: 3,500
Cp: 30
Combat Level: 3
Resolve: 1

You receive all academy jutsu, and 3 genin jutsu from your villages jutsu's. Once you have chosen them post your shinobi jutsu list Here. The village jutsu are located under jutsu list on the forum. After that you are all set and ready to rp.
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Rin charecter creation
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