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 More Kyuubi Jtsus WIP

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Cut Uzumaki
Cut Uzumaki

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PostSubject: More Kyuubi Jtsus WIP   Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:07 am

Kyuubi Dissolve
Rank: C Rank
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary

This Kyuubi Dissovle technique is a Genjutsu utilized by Cut. If Cut becomes trapped in a Genjutsu or wants to appear to be trapped he can disperse into a shower of gas bubbles the color of the Kyuubi's chakra. With this technique these bubbles will fly around and consume his targets, dissolving their bodies away.Cut could also counter shirgan techinques only if he use the Chakra of the Nine Tails.Such as if he made eye contact with an shigrn user Cut will turn to bubbles and the jutus will take place reasleing him from their effects.

Kyuubi's Gas Escape
Rank: -C Rank
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary

This Jutsus is a Genjutsu utilized by Cut. If Cut comes under attack, he can use this technique to cover his escape. After forming the needed hand seals, Cut's body will disperse into a shower of Gas bubbles. These bubbles will confuse and distract his opponent while he escapes or hides.

Exploding Cut
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Attack

this is Ninjutsu technique utilized by Cut. Resembling himself, Cut replacement is actually a booby trap. Once an enemy is lured in thinking Cut is injured, the replacement Cut will explode and launch a hail of kunai in every direction.

Summonmimg Jutus Kyuubi
Rank:S rank.
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+)
Type: Summoing
Depscrpion:Most biijuu holders turn into their demon but after Cut learned to conrtoll his and becomeing one with it.Cut learned to summon The Kyuubi Demoninsanely destructive, able to roar, swipe and attack with hugely destructive results .The Kyuubi demon is the real thing With each swipe of its tail forests could be leveled.But because of Cut conrtolling of the demon it obtain afew new abiites.which has the ability to split into more Kyuubi s each time it is struck (kyuubi is smaller then the organl). These Kyuubi s can then merge and split apart at will.(Even though Cut relased the Kyuubi it's chakra is still sealed inside Cut as normal)

Kyuubi Fire
Rank:A rank
Depscription:While on top of the Kyuubi when it's summoned Cut will preform hand seals.The Kyuubi chakra and Cut will foucs their Chakra toaghter.They will then both unleash gassy like bubbles at oppent.If the bubbles should hit any foes they'll be burned by the intense heat.Cut can also do this when He himslef turn in a minature Kyuubi.

Kyuubi Spikes
Rank:B rank
Type attack
Depscrpition:After forming the needed hand seals, Cut's Kyuubi will turn into spikes and protect his body. In this form it also becomes ridged and spiked, forming a layer of protectiong from direct strikes and blows.If Cut is in forth tail form it use its abilites with insene heat. With the snake hand seal Cut can laucched these spikes at an oppent
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More Kyuubi Jtsus WIP
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