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 Uchiha Bloodline

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PostSubject: Uchiha Bloodline   Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:50 am

The Sharingan is a Doujutsu found in the pupil of the Uchiha clan. It is an ability which is said to have originated from the Byakugan, and then evolved over time. The actual eye itself evolves over time, gaining more “yin” circling in their Iris. The number of Yin usually shows the power the user is capable of.

The Sharingan has the ability to potential to copy every Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu seen by it. Another Sharingan ability is negating illusions. Bunshin of all kinds and Genjutsu are no problem for the Sharingan. It sees Bunshin as fiery masses of Chakra and many visual Genjutsu simply fail to work.

Using a hypnotic Genjutsu, the Sharingan gives the enemy the illusion that the ninja can see the future, when in fact they are directing their opponent to perform specific Jutsu, at a slower pace then the Sharingan user.

When the Sharingan evolves from the two Yin to Three, they really do gain the ability to see into the future. The eye by judges the movements of the opponent’s body, then creates a translucent afterimage of their opponent. This after image is really a “pre” Image, allowing the Sharingan user to dodge attacks and find weak points in an opponents defense with great success.

The ultimate evolved form of the Sharingan is the Mangekyou Sharingan. The appearance varies greatly from person to person, leading to the belief that it evolves differently depending on its owners heritage.The Sharingan usually evolves to this form after great stress, a tragic event, an incredible urge or desire to be stronger, or with continued training.

The Uchiha clan specialised in Katon, or Fire type jutsus because they said, “The soul of an Uchiha burns like a great Fire.” and it is very true. The Mangekyou adds so much Chakra to a flame type Jutsu the Flame is not white hot, but Black as night. It is capable of burning through the toughest defence, material or chakra.

The Ultimate Genjutsu ability of the Sharingan is a complete mental assault, incapacitating the opponent. Their concious minds recede into a Tsukiyomi world of the Sharangan’s creation. Here they are tormented for what seems to be days, but is really only a few minutes in the real world. The mental stress is so great they often fall into a coma like state for several days after, if they even survive the initial assault.

The Uchiha clan was almost entirely wiped out a little more then 400 years ago, but their were a few survivors who managed to avoid the day of slaughter, and because of them the Bloodline carried on.

The Uchiha blood has been spread wide and thin over the last 400 years, but the number of those possessing the Doujutsu are greater then any other time in history, perhaps hinting to yet another evolution

*BLC stands for Bloodline Control Level and is just there to separate the different levels of the bloodlines techniques.*


Genjutsu Kai(Illusion cancel)
[BLC 1]
Description:The user can see through a genjutsu .
Duration:Can only be used once every 3 posts. Lasts One post

Jutsu Hezeru (Jutsu Theft)
[BLC 2]
The Sharingan user has developed the two Yin Sharingan, though fledgling it still gives the owner a chance to actually learn the Jutsu's being performed by their opponent, but only for a limited time.
Description:Lasts one post. May learn an opponents D-rank/ lower jutsu for one post.

Sofuushasen no Tachi (Multiple Windmill Blade)
[BLC 3]
Description:Performed while using the Two Yin Sharingan. Uses thin strings or fibre wire attached to many shuriken, kunai, etc. that when thrown - wrap around the opponent and render them immobile. The Sharingan is used to find vital points in the opponents movement, and throw the kunai in the right location to trap them in strings. Usually followed up by another stronger jutsu.
Duration: Lasts One post


Genjutsu Usou (Genjutsu lies)
[BLC 4]
Description:The Sharingan user's power has now evolved to the three yin. The user can now use a slighty hypnotic Genjutsu to suggest moves for their opponent to perform, and appear as though they are able to read the opponents mind.Must have at least 1 higher in Combat Level to succeed. [Be reasonable].
Duration:Lasts One post

Mitsu Yin (Three Yin Sharingan)
[BLC 5]
Description: The sharingan users power ascended to the next level, the three yin. The three yin grants the user a good boost in accuracy and slightly enhances speed.
Duration: Lasts 3 posts. This technique can allow the user to dodge one C-rank or lower attack during the 3 post limit. This technique has a cool down of 5 posts.

Miraizou (Vision of the Future)
[BLC 6]
Description: With this comes the ability to foretell the opponent's exact attack pattern simply by watching his movement.
Duration:Lasts One post. May counter one C-rank or lower attack with a jutsu.


Genjutsu Gae (Illusion skill counter)
[BLC 7]
Description:A sharingan ability that allows the user to reverse a Genjutsu and turn it back on the user.Must have at least 1 combat level higher than enemy.
Duration:Lasts One post

Mangekyou Sharingan
[BLC 8]
Description:The user now has the ability to summon the Mangekyou sharingan at will.this increases the chance of his or her Genjutsu and ninjutsu attacks accuracy resulting in an enhance of resolve for a short while.
Duration:Lasts one post. Raises resolve by 2.


Amaterasu (Sun God)
[BLC 9]
Description:The soul of an Uchiha burns like an undying flame, many of the Katon techniques created by them. The user focuses an incredibly powerful chakra to create a mysterious black fire hot as the Sun. The fire can burn through any barrier, Physical or Jutsu. Because of the high level of the technique, it has a very limited use.
Duration:Lasts One post. May be used only once per battle.


Tsukiyomi (Moon God)
[BLC 10]
Description:Named after the Shinto Moon God, Tsukiyomi will trap the target in an illusionary world that is totally controlled by the user. The user can then torture the target for as long as desired, inflicting vast mental damage upon the target. Targets of this technique will most likely suffer mental collapse; if they are lucky enough to survive, they will not be in fighting condition for a while. Time is also distorted in the illusionary world: for example, the target will feel the effects of three days when only mere seconds have truly passed. Tsukuyomi requires that the target make eye contact with the user.Must have at least 1 combat level higher to succeed in casting this.
Duration:May be used once per battle. Lasts Two posts
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Uchiha Bloodline
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